Path Builder Tool

The Path Builder Tool (aka Shape Builder Tool) is one of the most powerful features in Vector Ink. You can use it to create almost any shape you can imagine, using just a single shape as its building block. This is great for professional graphic designers, but even more so for beginners who want to create great designs without having to learn the finer points of the program. There are no complex tools or skills involved, just select the desired shapes, and activate the Path Builder Tool to create any number of different shapes.

Draw Tool

The Draw Tool is a tool that can be used to trace or freehand a drawing on the canvas. The stabilizer is a feature that keeps the strokes smooth while you draw so you wont need a stylus. 

 When combined with the Path Builder Tool possibilities are endless! You can draw with confidence and use the Path Builder Tool to cut your strokes into the desired shape without having to wrestle with cutting paths and joining lines.

Virtual Stylus

If you’re using a touchscreen, but don’t have a stylus handy, the Virtual Stylus is a built-in feature that assists you as you draw with your finger so you can see where you’re drawing.

Draw confidently without a physical stylus or get into those tight spaces while building shapes with the Path Builder Tool. 

Copy Tool

Save time trying to manually copy an object and position the copies evenly along an axis or around another object.

Using Copy Tool you can quickly generate any number of copies of an object left to right, top to bottom, in a grid, or around a point. 

Color Palette Generator

Designers and artists across the world use color palettes to create and plan their artwork and designs. However, this can be a frustrating and time-consuming process. 

Vector Inks built-in color palette tool helps you create color palettes generated at random, generated from a photo, or select from a library of built-in color palettes and add as many colors as you want to your palettes.


Typography is an important element of design, but it’s also one of the more esoteric ones too. Most designers have a good understanding of color theory and layout, but very few have a firm grasp of typography. It’s often a case of trial and error.

Vector Ink comes with built-in tools to help improve the way your text is presented in your design. 

  • Import custom fonts and keep them stored in the cloud,
  • Arc and Space your text to your liking.
  • Convert your text to a vector path and edit you letters using the vector tools provided in Vector Ink.


Export you designs in SVG, PNG, or JPG formats.

Export the whole document or just a selection of objects

Crop and Export your photos at any ratio and any size without losing quality.

Import SVG files from another editor and resume working in Vector Ink.

Import JPG or JPG files into the canvas and use as for tracing, or as a background for your design.

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