How to add text over image online

How to add text over image online

Vector Ink is more than just an online SVG editor for pro vector graphic designers. Vector Ink can be used by anyone to make edits and export the results as SVG, JPG, or PNG online for free. In this tutorial we’ll show you how you can use Vector Ink to import a photo, add text, and export the results. Adding text over image is easy and should be available online to anyone needing a convenient solution to do so.

Step 1: Getting started

Open the Vector Ink web app, click open to open the file explorer and select the desired photo from your device.

Step 2: Add text over image

Upon opening your photo you’ll be taken into the canvas.

  1. Open the Add Text window by clicking the text icon in the toolbar
  2. In the Add Text window, select a font from the font list.
  3. Then input some text in the text box.
  4. Finally click save.

Step 5: Change color

Now you should see black text over the image.

At this point you should click the text so that you can make edits to it.

If you wish to change the color you can do so by…

  1. Open the Fill Color panel via the color button in the top right of the canvas.
  2. Slide the color dials until you find the desired color.

Step 6: Modifying text

With the text selected you should see a text icon in the toolbar to the right.

Click on that icon to open the text properties.

Here, you can change the font, font size, content, alignment, etc.

In the example below we dragged the text to the left and aligned the text to the left of the photo.

Step 7: Export your photo

Click on the crop icon at the bottom of the toolbar on the right to open the export panel.

Select the desired file type and bounds.

Document will export the area of the document.

Selection will export anything selected.

Crop will provide a light box for cropping.

Set the final width to your liking and click save to download the results.


There you have it. Vector Ink provides an easy and convenient solution for making quick edits online for free no matter the device you are using. If you are using a phone you’ll notice the buttons on the right having been moved to the bottom but the icons and functionality is all the same so feel free to use what ever device you like.

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