How to add text on the canvas

How to add text on the canvas

Vector Ink comes with a handful of text options that allow you to add and customize text on the canvas how ever you see fit.

To get started select the Text tool in the toolbar and enter you text into the input field in the popup window.

Select a font and click save to apply the text to the canvas, then open the Text properties .

The first option is the font property. Select this dropdown if you wish to change your font.

Size: Controls the font size.

Content: The text itself can be changed here.

Below the Content box is the alignment options for justifying the text left, center, or right.

Arc: Set this to anything other than zero to apply an arc to the text.

Spacing: Set this to anything greater than zero to add spacing around each letter.

Text to Path: Click this to convert you text object to a path object. If selected, the text panel will go away and your text will become a path, editable like any other path.

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