How-to: Vector Ink Selection Tool tutorial

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Vector Ink Selection Tool

How-to: Vector Ink Selection Tool tutorial

The Selection Tool is the primary goto tool in Vector Ink and has its own list of tools, shortcuts, and controls that (if learned) will help speed up your design process.

When activated, the Selection Tools toolbar becomes available as well as the Transform controls , and the Object controls located in the control bar.

Scaling the selection

By default the Selection Tool is in transform mode, but by simply tapping on the top right handle you can activate scale mode. Notice all other transform handles disappear. When activated, scale mode allows you to conveniently scale the selection evenly from its center point.

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If you are using a mouse and keyboard you can scale the selection in transform mode by holding the shift key and pulling a handle to scale the selection in the direction of the handle. Holding shift + cmd (or ctrl key) will scale the selection from the center point.

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Scaling may also be activated using the Constrain Tool in the Selection Tools toolbar together with the Scale From Center tool to scale the selection from its center point.

The Scale From Center tool without the Constrain Tool will stretch the selection from the center point.

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Anchor the selection

Toggle on the Anchor Tool to activate the anchor handle on the canvas. Drag the anchor handle to the desired location to scale or rotate the selection around the anchor point.

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Select Multiple

Multiple shapes may be selected at once by dragging the selection box completely over the objects you wish to add to the selection.

Shapes may be manually added to the selection by toggling on the Multiple Selection Tool then clicking the shapes you want to include into the selection, clicking the same shape again will remove the shape from the selection.

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Duplicate the selection

Duplicate the selection using shift + cmd + D or by clicking the Duplicate Tool in the Selection Tools toolbar.

Delete the selection

Delete the selected objects by pressing the delete key or clicking the trash icon in the Selection Tools toolbar

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